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Tuesday 20 November 2018 by Matthieu Giroux

We might ask why we have trouble or ease at school. It is important to know that the school uses two of the seven multiple children’s intelligences.

Students who speak well are favoured. Thus linguistic intelligence is promoted. Those who have a good linguistic intelligence can extend their language easier, interesting them to style.

Good students in mathematics are also favored in the school. Only the logico-mathematical intelligence makes it possible to do better than math, that is to say to intuitively guess experiments’ result, if the child keeps his scientific reflection, learned while learning to speak and to walk.

We then carry intelligences that will make you the best in life, after school. The musical intelligence is the one that makes you attracted to love all that surrounds us. That is to say, we even want to sing the sound around, to understand it, as if it made us. Music helps to densify the mind, to find ideas.

Because of the Spatial Intelligence, we’re able to position ourselves easily in space. For example, drivers with this intelligence can easily find their way back. Also dancers need this intelligence to become the best.

Inter-personal intelligence allows dialogue to understand, because our individuality comes from society. Children who chat are in this developed category of inter-personal intelligence. This intelligence, if it is well rised, makes it possible to guess, more or less, whether if his interlocutor is lying. Thus, teachers who use dialogue with children must be ethical with children. Children can then rise, with this intelligence, if they do not chat, or if they explore those who think deep down, an intra-personal intelligence. That is to say, with these two intelligences, we can understand the human in all his ways.

Naturalistic intelligence means that we classify hierarchically we perceive. This means, for example, that we can answer exactly that we want, or we can easily create a hierarchy on our environment, in order to quickly find something.

Body intelligence allows you to carry out manual work easily, to feel your body well, even thinking about your health. We know exactly that’s going on in our body. Sport at school is oriented towards motor skills, not laterality, which allows you to feel your body better. Motor skills are about supporting the motor muscles. Laterality grows muscles on the side, with exercises that make us turning for example.
Knowing your intelligence helps you know how to act. It also makes it possible to guess your future, whether we will succeed later, and how.

It is not about promoting intelligences that the school accepts. It is about seeking the truth, rising intelligences that promote optimism, to seek the truth. Confronting a wall can be avoided, using your passion to find solutions. So we try to understand our emotions through poetry. If our intelligence creates sentences in the head, then it can be useful for linguistics. If the passion wakes up, then our work will be recognized, not necessarily at school, so in an association, because a talent will have awakened.

Scientific dialogue leads to engineering. However, there is little use of inter-personal communication in schools. We can have fun organizing philosophy workshops, with friends, to become geniuses, trying to understand the world and its flaws. Thus, the dialogue allows to link in his spirit.

So, if his mind is not too disturbed by the fast images of the light screens, we call on our soul, to transform bonds into ideas. While finding ideas, searching for their limits, we will be amazed finding our soul. Indeed, the soul will have grown our mind.

My Notes

Write about your intelligences.